A strong collaboration

The platform is coordinated and administered by a joint secretariat. RISE Research Institute of Sweden is platform leader and are together with Swedish Bioenergy Association (SVEBIO), Swedish Pellet Association and the Forestry Research Institute of Sweden (Skogforsk) responsible for the staffing.

Our organizations provide high levels of competence from the entire bioenergy industry ranging from production and use through equipment to research and development. We have access to a comprehensive network, both nationally and internationally.


RISE Research Institutes of Sweden is a Swedish state-owned research institute with 2 700 employees supporting and promoting innovative processes. RISE has about 100 testbeds and demonstration capabilities to help develop products, technology and services. RISE’s researchers and experts can provide knowledge on the efficient use of biomass fuels. The research and development activities is often in cooperation with companies.


Svebio the Swedish bioenergy association is a commercial environmental organization for companies and individuals. Svebio operates through information, advocacy and economic policy impact. We have an important role in forming opinion through articles, press releases, consultations, reports, conferences and personal contacts with politicians and authorities etc. Svebio also working for increasing the export of Swedish bioenergy technology.

Swedish Pellet association

The Swedish Pellet association works to support, strengthen and create growth within the pellet industry. We work closely with research on solving problems and developing new knowledge. Our members represent all parts of the pellet industry, from researchers at universities and colleges, transporters, pellet producers and equipment manufacturers to the individual installer.


Skogforsk (the Forestry Research Institute of Sweden) is the central research body for the Swedish forestry sector and is financed jointly by the government and the members of the Institute. Skogforsk has about 120 employees. The demand-driven applied research includes a wide variety of fields, such as forest technology, raw-material utilization, environmental impact and conservation, forest tree breeding, logistics, forest bioenergy and silviculture.


It is the needs and wishes of participating stakeholders that is govern the activities that will be implemented.

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