Swedish Bioenergy Climate Solutions will participate in a Nordic pavilion at Bois Energie in France. The fair markets the Nordic pavilion as an opportunity for players in mainly France but also from other parts of Europe to meet companies from the Nordic region that have achieved success in the bioenergy field. The following stakeholders will participate:

Petro Bio AB http://www.petro.se/en

Meva Energy AB http://mevaenergy.com/

Ekosystem AB https://ekosystem.se/lang-EN

WTS-BK Tech AB https://www.wtsab.com/ https://www.bktech.se/

Janfire AB https://en.janfire.com/

Mafa AB http://www.mafa.se/?lang=en#

Bruks Siwertell  https://www.bruks-siwertell.com/

VEÅ AB https://www.vea.se/home


3 BIOENERGY EXHIBITIONS in parallel – NANTES (fr), 29-30 January 2020:  https://www.boisenergie.com/en/

Welcome to see us in the Nordic pavilion!

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